Every day your company creates or destroys value, both short term and long term. And whether it’s the definition of a particular value in financial statements, a sale of assets or shares, or solving a legal dispute: sometimes you need to know and measure what level of value is created or destroyed.

Our services in the field of valuation are extensive. It all starts with understanding your business model. We are able to model every business and identify it’s value drivers. We focus on the essential, value-determining factors and analyze these using extensive industry knowledge, benchmarking techniques, the latest scientific knowledge in this area and of course relevant data. This is how we build a solid valuation case.

We work both from a national and international perspective, know and understand local regulations and tax structures. Thus we are able to perform high quality value analyses efficiently, wherever, and for any purpose.

The MBCF Valuation Team consists of high-grade professionals. Our field of activity includes: business valuations, fairness opinions, tax & audit related valuations, valuations of loans, valuation of portfolios of equity interests, squeeze outs, delistings, and arbitration and litigation.


  • Merger & Acquisition

    MBCF accompanies shareholders, investors, managers and directors during each stage of a sale, acquisition and merger process, from the first meeting to the final transfer.

  • Financing

    We advise you to define and achieve the optimal financing structure of your company at each particular stage of its life cycle.

  • Transaction Services

    If you buy shares or assets of a company, you want to be sure it is a secure transaction. We offer you assurance by performing a thorough due diligence together with a specialized team of Mazars.


For more information, please contact Patrick Wijffelman:

06 55 36 47 60