As an entrepreneur, you see a lot of opportunities for your business. Opportunities to grow, acquire, conquer new markets, or to introduce new products. We advise you to determine and realize your optimal financing structure, fitting the needs of your company.

A good relationship between you and your bank is based on clear communication and accurate information. This combination is necessary to achieve mutual trust. We can assist you in structuring the information stream towards your capital providers. We provide strong liquidity analyses to model and report the consequences of investment and growth scenarios. We provide trust by the banks and control of your company at the same time. This translates into better understanding and perhaps in better conditions, but more importantly, in more financial room to grow your business.

We are also at your side when your company is in lesser financial conditions. Sometimes markets are against you, or your organization does not operate exactly as it should. Intervening can result in a shortage of liquidity. This is usually the time sooner than expected that the bank addresses you and requires urgent measures. And while you should actually be busy adjusting commercial and operational activities you find yourself managing liquidity and banking relationships. This is where we bring you tranquility, overview, and expertise to help out.

MBCF is independent from any bank and maintains good contacts with all relevant capital providers in the market. In short MBCF is the ideal partner for realizing your ideal financial structure.



  • Merger & Acquisition

    MBCF accompanies shareholders, investors, managers and directors during each stage of a sale, acquisition and merger process, from the first meeting to the final transfer.

  • Transaction Services

    If you buy shares or assets of a company, you want to be sure it is a secure transaction. We offer you assurance by performing a thorough due diligence together with a specialized team of Mazars.

  • Valuation

    Our services include, amongst others: transaction valuations, fairness opinions, audit valuations, loan valuations, arbitration & litigation (e.g. shareholder disputes, buy-out procedures and squeeze-out procedures).


For more information, please contact Jaap de Jong:

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