You make decisions every day, but not quite as far-stretching as this decision. You don’t buy or sell your company every day. All aspects happen simultaneously. Where can I find the best candidates? What should I pay? What are the risks? How to handle them? Strategy, finance, HR and legal affairs, marketing, negotiation skills, complex process management and excellent communication skills. It all comes together in this transaction.

We structure transactions. MBCF accompanies shareholders, managers, investors and auditors during each stage of a sale, acquisition and merger process, from the first meeting to the final transfer. We also advise on management buy-outs, management buy-ins, carve-outs, outsourcing, and business transfers.

We provide specialists in each area, bringing the transaction to a successful conclusion, both within The Netherlands and internationally.

We deliver tailor made advice based on proven relevant experience with an eye for the essence.

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  • Financing

    We advise you to define and achieve the optimal financing structure of your company at each particular stage of its life cycle.

  • Valuation

    Our services include, amongst others: transaction valuations, fairness opinions, audit valuations, loan valuations, arbitration & litigation (e.g. shareholder disputes, buy-out procedures and squeeze-out procedures).


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