The industry sector is still an important driver for the Dutch economy. The industry sector is capital-intensive and export-oriented. Entrepreneurs within the industry are constantly working on innovation, efficiency, automation and optimization of operational processes. Internally through doing the right investments, externally through cooperation, mergers or acquisitions. Whichever route is chosen, each development requires a thoughtful approach. This is where our work in the industry sector begins.

The MBCF Industry Team has an extensive network in the Dutch industry, knows the market and more importantly knows their needs. We involve strategic partners and investors to successfully achieve your growth strategy.


Our references in the Industry Sector.


  • Business Valuation

    Our field of activity includes, among others: business valuations, fairness opinions, audits, valuations of loans, arbitration and litigation (shareholder disputes, squeeze-out procedures).

  • IT sector

    Our industry expertise ensures that we, unlike any other, add value in transactions and valuations in the IT sector, both domestic as well as international.

  • Healthcare sector

    We fill the gap between the market and the healthcare sector, which includes clinics (cure & care), suppliers (devices & disposables, life sciences & pharma) and capital providers (private equity, banks).

  • Construction industry

    Our construction team knows the buyers and sellers, national and regional players, and enjoys frequent and long-term relations with management boards, entrepreneurs, supervisory directors and financial parties.  


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